I’m always bad at talking about myself. Characters who live in my head and spill out into my stories? Sure. I can talk about them. They give me a way to explain things that I don’t easily have the ability to explain when talking about myself. That question at interviews… “What do you consider to be your strengths?”… has always been my hardest one. Because, unfortunately, my greatest strengths include hiding away in the quiet, reading a couple of books a week, tapping away on my keyboard for hours on end, and being a super introvert.

But being an introvert has never served me poorly. You see… as an introvert, I find great joy in many things that most would find to be dull and boring. In the quiet of my alone time, I have learned to create. In my anxiety over saying the wrong thing in spoken words, I learned to embrace the written word. It gives me the chance to say what I wanted to say… then clean it up and fact check myself (which I do, even on things that I know to be true, because… well, I hate feeling stupid… and getting commonly known facts wrong makes me feel stupid every time). When you love words as much as I do, you want to use the right one every time. You want to get your exact point across, just the way you mean it, and only the right word will do. Expressing myself in writing gives me the chance to ensure that my communication always comes out exactly as I meant it to, whether in email form or a written story, or even this silly little blog.

And sometimes, my knitting calls to me with the urge to create something beautiful in an entirely different way… A hat for a loved one (or myself), a shawl to wear on my wedding day, a pair of funky mittens for my beloved little sister (who is taller than me, I might add)… My reading and writing help me get in touch with the deepest parts of my soul, and my knitting keeps my hands busy and my mind engaged.

Maybe for some people, being an introvert is a curse, being a bookworm a “nerdy” thing, and knitting a “grandmotherly” pursuit. But to me, it’s just being myself, living my life, and enjoying all the things that make me happy.

Stay tuned for book reviews, tidbits of my writing, and the knitting stuff I’m working on!